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Small Business Tax, Accounting, and Bookkeeping Service Agency

Golden Apple Agency is a tax and accounting agency that focuses on small businesses. It offers its clients services such as tax preparation, tax audit, tax debt resolution, tax planning, monthly bookkeeping, and QuickBooks training. The group of tax professionals and Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the company focuses on being a partner to the businesses and not just a tax preparer or a bookkeeper. It offer business financial best practice strategy that aims to enable small business owners to run their business strategically, efficiently, and more profitably.


Personal Tax 

Tax Preparation

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Debt Resolution

Tax Planning


Business Tax

Small Business Tax Preparations

Strategic Tax Planning

New Business Set-Up



Monthly Bookkeeping

Receipt management

Financial Reports




Diagnostic Review



Clean Up

Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Millions of small business owners use QuickBooks to keep track of their finances. But so many don’t use it to the full capacity for their business industry.


We’re a team of Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisors (we’re independent and don’t work for them) and would love to see if we can be of some assistance.

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What do you need to bring (or upload) for your tax appointment.

Personal Tax Information 

Rental Property 

Self - Employed

Standard vs Itemized Deduction

You can either take the standard deduction or used the itemized. You're not able to take more. If your itemized deductions are more than the standard, then it's best to itemize. However, if your itemized deductions are not more than the standard then it's best to use the standard.

Special for 2021

Deduction up to $600 for donations

Child Tax Credit IRS Letter 6419 

Download it now.

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10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes

That Cost Business Owners Thousands

Every year millions of small business owners file their taxes and every year most of those small business owners overpay their taxes. The truth is you can't change what has already happened in the year when you go to file your taxes. But you can be proactive and create your own tax history. This is where tax planning comes in. With tax planning you can strategically prepare for your taxes before you file them.  

Now available on Amazon and download from our website. 


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