Introduction - Tanya Akimenko!

My name is Tanya and I’ve been preparing taxes since 2005. I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I do. I’ve been wanting to do taxes for a while before then but never really went for it. Well in 2004 I decided to get the classes and get things going. To my surprise in my first year I got like 30 clients and most of them are still with me. As most of you know, if you’re self-employed this is a pretty big win especially considering that tax season is only 2 ½ months out of the year.

Throughout the years I realized how much help and how financially unprepared small business (self-employed) people are. They’re making money but not enough to hire an accountant to help them. Or worse they hire an accountant for really cheap for whom it’s not even worth to put an effort into helping them.

One year I worked for a company who lets people self-prepare their taxes online and I was one of their tax specialists. Now to become a specialist there they have quite a bit of requirement so I can honestly vouch for them that their specialists are true specialists. But some of the people calling in (or video chatting) were the kind of people that really should not be doing their own taxes. But since they’re self-preparing there was only so much, I can say to them.

After that I realized I need to come up with something that helps these business owners who are not quite there financially to hire a full-time bookkeeper or a tax accountant. But also, be available for them as they grow into the financial stable business.

So, I’m creating a podcast, a blog, and an exclusive affordable membership for business owners (self-employed) who are in desperate need of organizing their business finances but they probably don’t even know it.

I will be talking about all business financials from a tax savings perspective and I would love to focus on your questions and concerns. So as a business owner (or self-employed) if there is a topic that you’d like to discuss send me an email at

Even if your questions or concerns are not tax related, I have a lot of clients who are experts in different industries that will be able to chime in.

In business everything is tied into finances. Every aspect of it. So, let’s get financially intelligent.

To find out more about the exclusive membership benefits go to

If you need help with your business finances, I offer one on one training, tax preparation, tax resolution, monthly bookkeeping, new business set up, and QuickBooks training. I’m able to work with anyone in the USA remotely. Go to for more information.

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